Hollow Sections

(Size: Square: 19x19(Min mm) - 100x100 (Max mm), Rectangle: 10x30 (Min mm) - 50x100 (Max mm)
AS PER EN10219 , ASTM A500 , DIN2440

We manufacture these Hollow Sections as per customer's requirement with anti rust oil coating from inside & outside of the tubes to ensure safe delivery to end customers. During the manufacturing process flat steel plate is gradually changed in shape to become round where the edges are presented ready to weld. The edges are then welded together to form the mother tube. During the manufacturing process the mother tube goes through a series of shaping stands which form the round HSS (mother tube) into the final square or rectangular shape. These sections are available with anti rust oil coating from inside & outside to ensure safe delivery to end customers.
These sections are available with various dimensions, sizes and specifications. These Hollow sections find their use in furniture industries, construction of bus body, structural application and fencing, as they are extremely durable in nature. Whole range is available at reasonable prices and delivered within stipulated time frame.


Applications Areas

Widely applicable of square and rectangular Hollow Section Pipes & Tubes are utilized for weight control and high stress resistance. Our structural tubes are applied in lifting and load handling systems and as components of lift arms (batten and tower mast) in mobile cranes, marine cranes, sea port cranes, rocket and spaceship launch tower and other super structural areas. Our hollow sections are also popular and highly used in Furniture industries & domestic applications, fencing industry. Sizes other than mentioned above can also be produced upon specific requirements.